Portek is a one-stop engineering service for ports and terminals to have sustainable growth.

About Portek

The Moon Journey


Questioning what their next breakthrough or growth area would be, the Portek team formed a task force in early June 2020. The team went through three different stages: initial alignment of purpose, ideation sessions with Moon, and a final evaluation of filtering ideas to move forward. Through a hypothesis-driven design cycle (including prototyping and user research), the Portek team discovered value proposition on credibility, finding focus on strategy to create a one-stop engineering solution.





Portek is seeking to best understand what their next biggest breakthrough could be. The team has started a hypothesis-driven testing approach tapping into their strengths within mobilization, modification and modernization.





Current online port service platforms have room to grow for providing technical advice. Portek’s opportunity is to enable ports in Southeast Asia who lack financial resources.



Where Portek Is Today


Portek is seeking to expand their network by creating new communication tools. Through this process the team hopes to unlock new business products through problem-solution fit.



Mitsui Team


Davin Kort


Innovation Department


Kok Chee Kong

Chief Innovation Officer


Liu Jie Hui


Business Development Division


Myo Kyaw Hlaing



Tet Htut Win


Operations Control Division


. . . . .


Asia Pacific Pte. Lte. Business Unit


Mitsui & Co., Ltd.



Moon Team


Anke Pierik

Kuni Kaneko

Pei-Han Lim

Ting-Yan (Subaru) Wong



Executive Sponsor


Jeremy Clark