e-dash is an online energy management platform and procurement advisory service to help companies in Japan fulfill their energy and sustainability objectives.

About e–dash

The Moon Journey


The Energy Solutions Business Unit wanted to develop an energy and sustainability management platform. Using the team’s customer interviews, the Moon and Mitsui teams defined the value proposition and user experience leading to the development of a click-through prototype.





Managing energy data is difficult, making understanding a company’s current carbon footprint a cumbersome task. Because customers have limited access to information, it’s hard for them to know which solution is right for them and if pricing is at market-level.





Many organizations do not have efficient processes in place to effectively measure their consumption and corresponding emissions, as well as measuring and verifying any counter-initiatives. The opportunity is to help customers (businesses and organizations) manage and analyze energy data by aggregating utility bill data in order to provide actionable insights.



Where e–dash Is Today


On Oct 4, 2021, Mitsui announced the beta-release of e–dash alongside a free trial available to 50 companies.



Mitsui Team


Kana Sanai

Project Member


Katsunori Nishida

Project Owner


Maiki Ueda

Project Member


Toma Yamasaki

Project Lead


Yusuke Ozawa

Project Member


Yuta Takano

Project Member


. . . . .


New Downstream Business Div.,

Energy Solutions Business Unit

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.



Moon Team


Jeremy Clark

Kentaro Yabe

Sharon Peng

Yui Aiyama



Executive Sponsor


Anke Pierik