IXM is a B2B digital service for Japanese companies that recommends context-specific actions between managers and employees to enable collaboration and happier and higher-performing teams.

About IXM

The Moon Journey


Born from collaboration between the Moon and Mitsui Health Services Business Unit teams, the IXM team has designed an assessment, recruited 100+ users, and created a full-loop prototype where teams take the assessment, receive a report with suggested actions, and retake the assessment to see if improvements have been made.





One main focus area for the IXM team has been centered around the concepts of Honne (本音) and Tatemae (建前), seeking to understand the cultural context of public vs. private conversation and social interactions.





With many large Japanese companies utilizing multi-year surveys to gauge engagement from their employees, there is a real market opportunity to create a tool that helps even the smallest team perform better and be happier.



Where IXM Is Today


Project IXM is currently testing across 10+ business units, learning about user funnels, and using no-code tools, user interviews, and industry best practices in preparation for their first MVP launch.



Mitsui Team


Wakana Kaga

Project Member


Yoko Tawada

Project Lead


. . . . .


Healthcare Service Business Unit

Mitsui & Co., Ltd





Jushiro Yasuhara

Taku Arikawa



Moon Team


Isabel Lee

Kate Tanaka

Masao Fujii

Sho Nonaka

Ted Ko

Yui Aiyama



Executive Sponsors


Mike Peng (Moon)

Takashi Onogawa (Mitsui)