Individual Ideas

About Individual Ideas

While Moon’s mission is to help Mitsui & Co. in its pursuit to become a more future-forward, entrepreneurial company, our biggest challenge is tapping into the creative potential of every individual.

Over the years we’ve received all sorts of ideas stretching across different industries and even breaking into new ones. Just like our name Moon entails, we are lighting the way for individuals to understand what’s humanly possible with the support of dreamers and doers.

Individual ideas we’ve seen usually come from daily inspirations or personal passions. Those “aha!” moments that you catch yourself pondering about for days after, wanting to delve into every detail and scouring the world to see if it exists.

We also see individual ideas sprout from personal needs that stem from life changes, frustrations, or conversations shared between friends and family. You just never know where the next big idea will come from! But what we can say to all the thinkers and idea owners is that ideas can come from all around you, especially if you slow down and see what you and the world are missing.