Mine Safe 360

Mine Safe 360 is a service that enhances the safety and productivity of mining operations through data analytics.

About Mine Safe 360

The Moon Journey


The Mine Safe 360 team pitched to Moon in April 2019 with the original idea of a uniform cleaning and delivery service to simplify life for miners between remote deployments. As design research progressed the concept developed into a more ambitious safety system and the idea transitioned into monitoring the physical health of workers in real time by using biometric sensors on the skin and inside of uniforms.





One of the highest priorities for mining companies is their “license to operate.” This requires the safety and well-being of all employees. Recently, the mining industry has faced increased costs and demand for higher productivity as a result of restrictions imposed by the pandemic.





The Mine Safe 360 service is a technology ecosystem that digitizes the entire Australian mining workforce by bringing a new era of safety measures to some of the world’s harshest environmental conditions.



Where Mine Safe 360 Is Today


Over 2020, the team experienced procedural roadblocks in addition to delays impacted by COVID which led to the project having recently been folded.



Mitsui Team


Gower He

Project member


Jeremy Deng

Project Lead


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Australia Business Development Business Unit

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.



Moon Team


Daniel Brenners

Feng Liang

Gaku Wada

Ted Ko



Executive Sponsor


Jeremy Clark