Future-Leading Projects

How can we reimagine industries to positively impact our world?

When Moon was first founded, our CEO Kaichi Yokoyama wanted Moon to embrace bold and crazy ideas that would have a real world impact. We have a number of those ideas in development at Moon. These future leading projects are breaking new ground and may revolutionize established industries such as fashion and healthcare.

What if you could print clothing anytime, anywhere? Not only would you be able to create your own clothes but you would be challenging the current model of textile production with a sustainability-first approach. This localized manufacturing process is what 3D Printing Clothes is looking to tackle as a venture by partnering with 3D Printed Fashion Designer Danit Peleg.

What if 13 different cancers could be detected earlier through just a few droplets of blood? Rather than the clinic having full control of a patient's health status, Preferred Medicine is working to give patients full access to their medical tests and information.

What if people with epilepsy could administer their own medicine without having to visit a hospital each time? PeaceE is reimagining a world where individuals living with epilepsy can live more autonomous lives.

While all three of these future leading projects are different in the industries they are seeking to change, they all share a common goal: solve a real human need. If Moon is able to support these bold and crazy ideas, then we are doing exactly what we were born to do.