Show Me Your Passion

Show Me Your Passion is a live streaming platform that brings super fans together around a nonstop shared digital experience.

About Show Me Your Passion



With the rise of music videos, music subscription services like Spotify, and other virtual live shows, most fans are enjoying artists alone online by themselves. It's also difficult to connect with other fans to form a deep connection with and have fun enjoying artists together. Listeners experience difficulty in making friends who can actually talk about similar interests, both online and offline, and there is a need for fans to connect with each other. The current landscape is lacking important elements of fandom, such as being able to support and enjoy artists with other dedicated fans.





Show Me Your Passion provides a new, hyping, and chilling platform for people who are currently enjoying their favorite content alone to interact and stay connected with other fans through voice chat, instant messaging, videos, and fan-created content.



Where Show Me Your Passion Is Today


Over 2020, the EIRs continued to build online communities of fans and identified two distinct modes of engagement: Chill, or a relaxed chat with like-minded fans, and Hype, dynamic interactive watch parties organized around new releases of artist’s content. Despite creative, high-energy experimentation, the EIRs were unable to identify a compelling business model for the service. The project has recently been folded.





Kazuaki Iba

Energy Solutions Division

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.


Shinnosuke Ota

Mobility Business Unit, Automotive Division

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.



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Sho Nonaka (Nonasho)

Ted Ko

Ting-Yan (Subaru) Wong

Yui Aiyama



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