Wuto is a social platform for women that creates a safe and confidential space to learn about sexual health and access to quality products.

About Wuto



In Japan, there is currently no service for women who are experiencing sexual health issues to communicate comfortably and confidentially. In addition, there is a cultural taboo of talking openly about these health issues. The challenge is to navigate the cultural undertones and shift the narrative to give women a space to talk about their sexual health comfortably.





For the first time in Japan, Wuto empowers a community of women to openly discuss and seek help for their sexual health. The opportunity is that Wuto is helping a large market (Japanese women) with a powerful unmet need that is emotional, mental, and physical.



Where Wuto Is Today


After the experiment of creating subscription Wuto boxes, the EIRs were challenged with deciding the focus for Wuto. Would it focus on curation of products and selling them on a marketplace? Or would it focus on the development of an online community? The team could not decide on Wuto’s future direction and the project was recently folded.





Kate Tanaka

Mobility Business Unit, Mitsui & Co.,Ltd.


Hanako Wada

Mobility Business Unit Mitsui & Co.,Ltd.


Kanade Shimizu

Mobility Business Unit Mitsui & Co.,Ltd.



Moon Team


Chiyun (Yo) Yeh

Jeff Chen

Kyra Yamamoto

Pei-Han Lim

Sharon (Shaz) Peng



Executive Sponsor


Mary Ann Gallo