PFM (Preferred Medicine) is an early cancer detection service utilizing novel blood analysis through AI technology.

About PFM



Currently, people need to undergo different screening methods for each type of cancer. This process can be invasive, emotionally stressful, and expensive. Because patients find testing to be stressful and costly, they are not testing early enough making their cancer more difficult to treat.





PFM is developing a single blood test that can detect multiple cancer types at earlier stages. This service is coupled with deep learning technology that enables higher accuracy in early stage detection. This AI-powered technology identifies specific compounds in the blood to detect cancer-associated patterns. PFM aims to increase the accessibility and success rate of earlier cancer detection, resulting in immediate treatment worldwide.



Where PFM Is Today


Currently undergoing a clinical study in the United States to assess the accuracy of blood tests for early detection of breast cancer. Additionally, the team has hired the company's second full-time employee, the Head of Business Development.





Nobuhiro Andrew Kawai (Andy)

Healthcare Service Business

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.



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Anna Hiraoka

Chiyun (Yo) Yeh

Kuni Kaneko

Kyra Yamamoto



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Kaichi Yokoyama