Creating a design-first, future-forward work environment for the post-COVID world

Moon Tokyo 2F Spring Terrace Omotesando 3–10–5 Kitaaoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107–0061

Moon's Tokyo Studio, opened in January 2021 in the chic and bustling Omotesando area. The open floor plan building with its white walls and lush plants dispersed throughout the spacious terrace is an eye-catching sight in an area lined with unique stores and hidden restaurants.

However, the road to the studio’s opening was not a smooth one. As the COVID-19 virus quickly started spreading around the world, Communication Designers Chihiro Konno, Lung-Tsai Lui (Ryu), and Chiyun Yeh (Yo) were in the midst of designing the new office. With the transition to a remote-first world, the office design had to be drastically different from its original concept of a place where close interactions would thrive.

The new concept, designed for the post-COVID world, was coined "Nature's Creative Factory." The new environment, intentionally filled with lush greenery and natural materials, was created to be a space where every individual could freely think and create with their hands. The pressure of close interactions and desire for safe social distancing was at the forefront of the Communication Designers’ minds as they transitioned away from the original plan. The result is an office unlike any other.

The second floor, which is the main part of the office, has sweeping windows all along the wall facing the street side, creating a bright and spacious open room without any partitions. The unexpected event of the pandemic became the driving force behind the free and creative design that overturned the image of conventional offices.

Regarding the concept of the office, Yo explained, "Humans feel most comfortable when immersed in nature, that is human nature. We're most creative when we feel relaxed." She continues, “Moon is also the factory of creating many new ventures for the reimagined future. We find the rough stone, and polish it into the diamond."

“This office was designed with a lot of space for everyone to grow. The design also conveys Moon's culture to our guests who visit,” explains Chihiro about the thought that went into the redesign. “There are a lot of details that make the office a space where communication is easy, within limited conditions. I can't wait for the COVID-19 virus to settle so that we are able to do more things together in this beautiful space,” Ryu said.

When all three were asked what their favorite part of the office was, the answer was clear (despite the rooftop). The restrooms on the first floor. To find out why, one must visit the office and experience it for themselves...


“Climbing up the exterior stairs, one will find the entrance on the second floor, to our main floor. Upon entrance, guests are welcomed with a sign, similar to one that can be found at Moon’s Palo Alto studio. This welcome sign shared with our Palo Alto studio immediately welcomes guests. In the future, we plan to develop a signage system that will allow interactive communication with guests.”



Bar Space

“The first thing that catches your eye when you enter our office is the Bar Space with its glowing neon sign that lights up our logo ‘Moon’. The best ideas always come from this shared dining table. The Bar Space is the place where Moon Mates can freely chat and get to know each other intimately. It's also the place that brings everyone together.”



Soft Area

“Across from the Bar Space is a spacious sofa area. It's another place that brings everyone together.”



Main Work Space

“The main large space located on the second floor is the Free Address Area. This main working area is where anyone can freely move tables and chairs to create a layout that suits their needs. A big ceiling projector is connected to Palo Alto studio's cameras, so anyone can say hello to their fellow Moon Mates or EIRs across both studios.”



Maker Space

“At the far end of the second floor is the Maker Space; a space where people can use 3D printers, design tools, and other equipment for hands-on prototyping.”





“It’s a space to wake everyone's creative soul; to try, to fail, to learn.”





“We are planning to increase the number of different types of tools here, so I'm excited to be able to make many more things in the Maker Space.”



Venture Wall

“When you go down the internal stairs to the first floor, you will find a long and narrow theater space on the stairs facing the opening of the room. On the wall is an imageboard of ventures currently in incubation at Moon. This place is a Moon gallery, we like to call the Venture Wall.”



Projection Wall

“On the opposite wall of the Venture Wall, there are three projectors that can be connected to each other for projection. I'd like to see a film performance here, as it would give a powerful visual effect.”



The Designers

Chihiro Konno


Chihiro is responsible for visualization and communication design at Moon, working across the fields of 2D, product, space, and experience. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies and traveling to remarkable hotels globally.

Lung-Tsai Lui (Ryu)


Ryu creates new solutions from user insights and needs by proposing and displaying attractive visuals to tell varying perspectives. His hobbies include outdoor activities, watching movies, photography, and gaming.

Chiyun Yeh (Yo)


Yo translates the concept of an idea into visual elements using graphic design and illustration to better communicate brand and different stories. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing guitar, photography, visiting museums, and occasionally organizing solo exhibitions.

Tomohiro Ueno (Tomo)


Tomo is passionate about providing support and empowering entrepreneurs to translate their ideas into successful businesses. In his free time, you will find him enjoying a cup of coffee, in nature with a camera in hand.