Words by Takashi Ishikawa Global Head of Finance

Achieving “One Moon” is one of our main initiatives for the next fiscal year, but it is not a concept new to Moon. Ever since Moon was established in the summer of 2018, “One Moon” has always been on our minds and in our hearts.

Since its inception, Moon has always been referred to as a “dual-headquartered” company. The two studios, located in Tokyo, Japan and Palo Alto, USA have come together to make us who we are. Each studio is incomplete without the other. Every team works collaboratively across studios and across countries, inseparable by location.

Moon’s mission is to “light the way for our creative potential” and create an exponential impact on Mitsui and beyond. We do this by introducing businesses no one has ever seen or heard of before to the world. We believe that we can make this happen by bringing our great and diverse talents we have across both studios together.

Consider this: the way you think and act is heavily influenced by the environment you are in. How you might react to a service or a product in your unique context may be totally different from what another person thinks of it elsewhere. “One Moon” means that we have access to all kinds of people with different skill sets and from all different backgrounds. They work together, think together and experiment together to create entirely uniquely differing perspectives.

Even within a single studio, there are people from all over the world who gather to dream and create together and who have vastly different experiences that will influence new venture creation. Imagine that impact doubled with a second headquarters across the Pacific Ocean. That’s our superpower!

As with all great things, there is friction that can make it challenging to realize our “One Moon” dream. Time differences, language barriers, and differences in work culture are just a few examples of what makes collaboration across two studios extremely difficult at times. However, when we lean into this friction and embrace the discomfort, doors start to open creating something that can influence many individuals around the world. “One Moon” is one of our many unique qualities that position Moon Creative Lab to produce deeply impactful ventures for real-world impact.