Disciplines at Moon

What makes Moon unique is the people from all different disciplines coming together to build with each other and our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Here are a few types of people at Moon you will meet.

  • Communication Designer

    Multi–medium designers who practice the craft of translating strategy into visual, experiential narratives that meaningfully connect people to products.

  • Data Scientist

    Experts of simulations, mathematical models, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization, among other design tools. Data Scientists are the architects of smart systems.

  • Design Researcher

    An ethnographic observer who focuses on people and develops insights that inform design. To be human-centered is to start with people; Design Researchers bring rigor to how we can listen with intent.

  • Engineer

    A consistent builder who brings human-centered innovation into the world. Engineers help shape our ventures and drive work from concept to MVP, and through to the final product.

  • HR

    Drivers of human-centered initiatives and designers of dynamic teams. HR has a keen eye for identifying top talent while understanding the overall needs of the organization. Think of them as human connectors whose main purpose is to discover, uplift, and empower everyone to grow.

  • Marketing & Communications Designer

    A champion storyteller and captain steward of Moon’s brand. Marketing & Communication Designers have a special way with words and a natural skill set for building relationships both internally and externally to drive engagement.

  • Operations Designer

    Smooth operators and cultural gardeners, Operations Designers make sure everything and everyone is working in their optimal work environment in order to allow ideas to flow freely.

  • Product Manager

    A forward thinker, agile master, and focus finder. Product Managers are masters of scale, iterative progress, and close collaborators bringing design, technology, marketing and business together.

  • Program Manager

    Community builder, pattern hunter, and knowledge distributor. Program Managers have a passion to bring EIRs together and build a community driven to succeed side by side. By sharing their own knowledge from personal experience and distributing Moon’s collective knowledge, their goal is setting Moon’s EIRs up for success.

  • UX/UI Designer

    A curious experience creator who seeks to serve the unmet needs of users by leading with a human-first approach. UX/UI Designers know how to make products and experiences simple, engaging and above all unforgettable.